Difficult, but realizable: how to make money on YouTube

Difficult, but realizable: how to make money on YouTube

One day you wake up and think: why not to start making money on YouTube?! You even have a quite popular channel for this purpose. If you don’t have it yet, let’s jump forward several years, when you have it (how to promote YouTube channel is the topic for a separate article). 

How to monetize your popularity? Let’s view the possible variants.


Payouts from YouTube

Let’s start with this method in order not to mention it again. For it cannot become the main source of revenue. Calculate it on your own: YouTube will transfer you 55% of advertising revenue, earned from ads on your channel. But the cost per click amounts to several cents, and the click-through ratio of ads offered before the main video will be… low, to put it mildly.

In general, take it as a little bonus from YouTube, not more than that. 

Difficult, but realizable: how to make money on YouTube

Advertising sales

And this is a real way to earn money. Nowadays advertisers actively use services of bloggers on Instagram as well as YouTube. Some of them prefer native video advertising, others – producing branded content. You can get from RUB 30 thousand to RUB 100 thousand for one recorded video.

Advertisers should know how to find you. So don’t be ashamed to contact sales teams of advertising agencies – they regularly update lists of bloggers, who are ready to collaborate.

Not only major customers can help you earn money. Median and small customers will be glad to place a clickable banner in your video or work under CPA scheme.

Sales of goods

We will tell you at once – this is not about managing a store from your sofa. And it isn’t about reviews and sales as is. We are talking about beauty boxes, or in other words – kits of goods or testers, arranged by bloggers. Due to bulk buying bloggers can spend RUB 400-500 on beautifully packed, united under specific themes boxes (for example, niche perfumes or makeup in the style of 1930-s), and sell  them for RUB 2000.

It can seem strange, but people buy such boxes. Naturally, you should have an audience as a blogger to succeed in selling beauty boxes.

Content provisioning

Perhaps, it’s the only method that does not require having a personal promoted account. YouTube starts adopting the television model, where large channels buy interesting content. Its average price ranges from RUB 5000 to RUB 15 000. You can work with one or several channels at a time. Furthermore, both readymade content and your participation (post-production, filming) can be monetized. 

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