How to increase website traffic using widgets?

How to increase website traffic using widgets?

A widget is the nonphysical program offering a various function set. Widgets can decorate the desktop and store data from the other website, for instance, the world time, weather, traffic jams etc. Only one little widget can solve a series of the most important tasks related with attracting new users to the website.


The most popular widget functions

Key widget functions include:

Contacts gathering – for example, event registration, e-mail address and phone input.
Loyalty increasing – obtaining feedback in terms of comments, special offer notifications etc.
Information sharing – surveys, notifications about working hours and other events.
Incitement to actions – callback ordering, participating in special offers, purchasing, data entry etc.
Social network communities’ development – the button to access social networks from the website, special offer notifications.

Besides, widgets can help to analyze audience behavior, reduce costs for designing online website components, increase resource conversion, conduct slip tests and increase sales.

We will tell in detail about how widgets can keep website users and draw their attention.

Main tasks of widgets

1. Keep users on the website

According to statistics, the more time customers spend on the website, the higher will be their loyalty to the brand: they will want to purchase something or use company services and, undoubtedly, will enter the website over and over again. One can keep the user’s attention with the help of pop-ups, tips, offers, reminders etc. Do not forget about the interesting and unique content, as well.

2. Resource conversion increasing

The analysis of users’ actions on the website can clearly illustrates why the resource has small conversion. Sometimes purchase or service processing requires a lot of efforts and actions when, for example, the website contains inappropriate traffic or users simply doubt their choice. In such a case, it is widgets that come to help, suggesting that there is only one more step before purchasing, offering the callback service and informing about the current special offer.

3. Increasing the confidence of customers

According to statistics, loyalty increasing costs are compensated approximately within the year. If website visitors are satisfied with the service, they share their impressions and recommend it to their friends. If they are not satisfied, they talk about it even livelier. With the help of the “Share” widget, one can not only increase consumers trust, but also increase the resource popularity in social networks without advertising costs. Marketers advise to add “Leave a comment” widget because participating in product development or improvement always prompts a desire to use this product afterwards.

4. Informing clients about special offers and other events

According to the marketing data, personal messages to clients increase the website conversion up to 30%. Modern technologies allow to divide the target audience into groups and make a unique offer for each of them. Motivating tools can include countdown widget, like “The special offer expires in…”

5. Visitor data base establishing

To make the special offers mailout, one should gather the data base of e-mail addresses and phones. It can be done simply and inconspicuous with the help of convenient widgets offering users any bonuses for left data.

6. Resource monetization

Widgets allow even informative websites to earn. It is necessary to make visitors focusing on various advertising and partner special offers. It is very simple to add “Order” widget to the linked word, and if the client uses this very offer, the website owner will receive certain interests.

Currently, there are special services allowing to get statistics on all widgets at the same time. Thus, one can choose the most efficient strategy of communicating with your consumers and attracting new clients.

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