SNCE topics

SNCE 2016 is a business conference on digital marketing.

Just in one day, participants received the maximum required knowledge on how to launch and develop a business project in the Internet as well as provide an efficient online promotion to offline business.




The main topics of reports, lectures and workshops of SNCE 2016:

  • New tools and main trends of digital marketing.
  • Planning and implementation of efficient online advertising campaigns. Workshop on Perfomance Marketing.
  • Creation of lovemarks: new technologies of online customer acquisition and retention.
  • E-commerce. Secrets and practical tips from online sales leaders.
  • Mobile advertising channels and their peculiarities.
  • Creative content as driving force of online communication. Discussion of the best cases of last year.
  • Bloggers – new media force. The best ways of interaction with agents, influencing an audience.
  • Big Data technology for improving website conversion rate.
  • Wearable devices as a new tool of marketing communication.
  • Online video. Storytelling and video formats that change the communication approach.
  • Business optimization with the help of digital instruments.
  • Social networks as an ideal platform for interactive commerce. Analyzing Instagram cases.
  • Working with information. Negative control and loyalty improvement.


SNCE is a business platform for sharing knowledge and productive communication among professionals.