YouTube to help SMEs to create video ads

YouTube to help SMEs to create video ads

YouTube would like to make video advertising creation available to small and medium-sized businesses. Video hosting provides 3 tools, most of which are available free of charge.

YouTube Director App will help businesses with no or very small marketing budget to create their own commercials. It includes free templates, music and a set of tools for editing. Advantages of the application were already evaluated by a small hairdressing salon in Los Angeles. Video created with the help of YouTube Director has increased the response rates by 73% and brand awareness by 56%.

The other two tools are designed for those who do not want to complicate their lives with video creation. The first one allows you to use already drawn logos and images to create video. The second brings together small entrepreneurs with those who make video. Services of such film crews will cost only $ 150. Currently the service is available in six US cities only (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and San Francisco), but the company says that geographical extension will not take long.

Diya Jolly, the Google Product Director, explained the need for new tools: “It was done because we believe that video content is becoming increasingly important. Most brands create attractive video ads, because they have money for that, while video commercials of small and medium-sized businesses are not of high-quality”. There is another problem: these low-quality commercials are being used for a long time, because smaller companies can not afford their retaking and it affects their reputation.

Perhaps new YouTube tools can actually change the situation.