Top-5 popular brands in Instagram

Top-5 popular brands in Instagram

The secret of Instagram popularity is caused not only by cats and nice food photos. Successful brands fill the timeline with bright colorful photos, offering useful goods, instead of boring advertising posts. SNCE team assures that each self-respecting women brand is obliged to have a profile in the most popular social network. We chose top-5 beauty accounts, leading at the market, and found out their success strategies.


Vardanush Martirosyan, VARDA brand’s founder, is the popular singer and dancer. Incredibly charismatic and willowy girl has been frequently winning rewards, attracting the audience with wonderful acts, performances and suits. But she decided not to limit herself to dancing, and was engaged in other creative fields. It led to establishing of VARDA brand – supersexual swimsuits, bodysuits and retro dresses. Its clothes hide disadvantages and show advantages. Anna Sedokova, Natalya Rudova and Instagram stars wear VARDA clothes.

VARDA trademark focuses on impudence and exclusive clothes.

Why it works:

  • beautifully: brightly, gracefully, stylishly;
  • daily updates, approximately 2-3 photos, as well as videos;
  • absence of slogans and advertising: attractive model on the photo;
  • absence of hashtags in posts.


Subscribers: 59.4 k



Iren Vartik, fashionable shoes designer, has been fascinated by design since school years and has produced her first pair of shoes when didn’t find a desired one in the shop. Creating her products, Iren violates rules, combines colors and structures without forgetting about exclusive and quality materials. Shoes absolutely follow season trends.

The brand owner adds photos to Instagram from her own photoshoots, demonstrating creative designs. The main feature is artistic picture instead of advertising clips and invitations to buy.

Why it works:

  • pleasant womanish look is interesting for subscribers;
  • images are similar to those ones from fashion shows;
  • in average 3 posts per day.


Subscribers: 142 k


Yumbaker Cafe

Yulia Maryukha, online sweet shop owner, baked her first cake with strawberry, almond and whipped cream in 2010 for her daughter’s birthday. It was kids that inspired her to learn how to cook, said the young woman. She learned how to make confectionary on her own, using foreign blogs and experimenting with recipes.

Yumbaker Café appeared 6 years later.

Instagram is the paradise for cakes, pastries and macaroons lovers. Visiting this social network remains visiting a café with favorite cup of latte and sweets. Yulia’s hobby transferred into favorite business.

Why it works:

  • attention and direct address to users;
  • several posts per week.


Subscribers: 40.2 k



A brand history started when Maria Panteleeva and Viktoria Moldavskaya congratulated their friends with self-made gifts.

They didn’t study jewelry. Viktoria studied management and Maria studied psychology. Girls are inspired by beautiful people and their friends. Initially, friends were their customers, but later girls decided to promote jewelry in Instagram.

Jewelry trademark attracts subscribers due to stylish design and successful looks. You can see simple photo of the baby with fluffy rings, girls’ favorite chockers and elegant brooches.

The account can be characterized by two words: colorfully and fluffy. And these features attract people. Nowadays, Maria’s and Viktoria’s jewelry is very popular in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Girls are going to create their own website.

Why it works:

  • creative account environment;
  • updates several times per week.


Subscribers: 27.2 k


Natura Siberica

Brand for face and body care. Natura Siberica makes its products based on Siberian herbs and plants, which allow to keep beauty. Among brand’s clients are famous show business representatives, models who highly appreciate Natura Siberica for its natural characteristics and availability.

Instagram account shows not only photos of amazing herb repertory cosmetic products, but photos of plants living conditions. Brand account presents the core of the product. And taking into account the growing amount of subscribers, founders are on the right way.

Why it works:

  • you can find everything here: personal care tips, photos of stars, brand’s off-stage life;
  • daily updates.


Subscribers: 11k