SEO specialist of the present: what are his basic duties?

SEO specialist of the present: what are his basic duties?

Over a couple of years the list of SEO specialist’s duties has changed considerably. Even Google refers to him as to a webmaster. Let’s have a look at the reasons of such changes.

References and content instead of audit

Previously, SEO specialist paid a lot of attention to a technical check of a resource and detection of problems which prevented website indexation. Now the analysis of references and content is of the supreme importance. What is the reason?

  • Googlebots and Yandexbots learnt to better understand website content.
  • Thanks to Google Search Console and similar instruments, only a couple of minutes are needed to find an error.
  • SEO integrates with web development. Technical work, performed earlier by the SEO specialist, is gradually becoming the responsibility of a web developer.

It brings up a question: if a SEO specialist doesn’t work with technical problems much, what does he do?

New roles

Modern SEO specialists frequently combine several activity areas. Qualified professionals know (at least basically) content-marketing, SMM and UX-design. SEO specialist moves beyond providing search bots’ access to a website. He has to create interesting user experience for every website visitor.

SEO specialist became a content analyst. He can adapt content for various platforms and devices to attract and keep a client on his way to purchasing.