The first female blogger to become a millionaire

The first female blogger to become a millionaire

Kristina Bazan is the first blogger-millionaire. She has earned her fortune in five years. Kristina Bazan is only 22 years old. She was born in Minsk, but her family moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Today Kristina has many admirers, photo on the cover of Portuguese Vogue and position in Forbes ranking of “The richest people in the world under 30”.

It all began when Kristina and photographer James Chardon decided to start a fashion blog Kayture, where they posted photos of stylish outfits. Currently her Instagram has 2.3 million followers, and the majority of photos are from fashion shootings. Photo sessions take place in Milan, Paris, and Los Angeles. Kristina travels a lot.

She does not restrict her activities to blogging. She has managed to make a name for herself in fashion industry and to inspire people. Kristina’s example shows how one can achieve success, having started from scratch.

In the future Kristina is planning to continue creative work: she wants to become a designer or a writer.