Mobile trends of 2017

Mobile trends of 2017

Mobile devices allow connecting with customers anytime and anyplace. Naturally, users expect to have a possibility of convenient browsing of any website on mobile devices. Otherwise, the brand will simply lose customers.

According to the report of Forrester’s analysts, 70% of Americans use smartphones and almost 60% of them get annoyed when they visit a website that was not optimized for a mobile device. More than a half of Russian users go online using both a computer and a mobile device. But 20% of surveyed prefer using mobile phones only.

The trend of constantly growing number of smartphone and tablet users has resulted in the increase of mobile applications market. And today this market features three trends, which should be definitely taken into account by marketing specialists.

Trends of mobile applications market

1. Use of a data management platform for mobile audience 

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Centralized DMP is used for acquisition, structuring and segmentation of data about the audience of mobile application. This data can be received as the result of using a company product, as well as from third-party sources.

DMP helps brands to:

  • create complex customer segmentation;
  • develop mobile and desktop advertising campaigns for the user to interact with a specific offering irrespective of the device he uses;
  • create effective targeted advertising;
  • conduct a qualitative analysis of the target audience.

Thanks to such platforms, marketing specialists can manage different advertising campaigns, track customers’ interests, and receive data about the engagement and conversion. In the result, the use of DMP allows increasing the number of potential customers and the audience reach on different devices.

2. Monitoring user behavior 

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While a user is interacting with a mobile application, marketing specialists can receive useful information about his behavior: which situation engages the user most of all, what on the contrary holds him back, what time he usually browses the website, etc.

In the result, by choosing the most appropriate moment, advertising specialist can send a relevant message to the user. Researches show that the correctly chosen time for sending the offering helps to boost conversion.

It is important to establish an active interaction with your audience. Then it will be easier to understand when a push notification should be sent. By the way, the personalization of mobile messages favorably influences the engagement and increases conversion by 200%.

3. Mobile first design 

Mobile trends of 2017 - 3

Mobile first design involves not only the correct arrangement of interface elements on the display but also the adequate functionality. Usually, the abandonment rate increases because the user has to undergo a rather long procedure starting from order placement to receiving the product.  To provide an excellent quality of mobile experience, it is important to fulfill the following steps:

  • think over the optimal functionality of the application;
  • simplify the user experience as much as possible, allowing for making purchases or ordering a service in a minimum of steps;
  • thoroughly test the elements of the mobile application to understand what should be added, and what can be deleted.

By factoring in these three trends of mobile applications market, it is possible to increase the audience engagement, improve the quality of user experience and significantly increase conversion.