How to interest users and don’t let them leave without purchases. 5 tips from SNCE

How to interest users and don’t let them leave without purchases. 5 tips from SNCE

What main aspects should be mentioned while creating e-commerce content? How to become remarkable in the highly competitive environment and in the period when many people use social networks and mobile devices?

SNCE team will reveal these issues in five simple tips.


1. Aim to unique character, despite this non-unique advice.

Why specialness is so important?

The market is overwhelmed, and, consequently, there are too many contents. There are also too many people willing to create them. You will be mentioned only if you provide something new.

In the coming years, a lot of copywriters will be looking for another job, because automatic content will replace them. Learn how to write unique texts in order not to stay without job.

2. Help instead of hard-sell

Content is not only a selling text and product description. Be useful for customers in order to make them come back for another purchase. It is perfect, if they have something interesting to look or read on your website.

Help clients to make a choice – tell what can be appropriate for them and what should be refused. Do not hard-sell customers premium segment. Compare products, make video review and write a manual. Tell a story about the good solving a certain problem. Address a user through Facebook, YouTube or broadcast in Periscope.

3. Shoot video

By 2017, video content will cover 2/3 consumer traffic. Users become lazier and prefer to watch video than read a long text.

Replace a strict text for infographics and video, if it is possible. Focus on educative how to and DIY videos.

4. Publish articles directly in social media

Facebook implemented this function considering that it is more efficient than reposts from other resources. The direct publication function is entrusted on Instant Articles. Google is also planning to implement this option.

5. Render the content to outsourcing

But only if you can’t manage alone or don’t require a full-time content manager or copywriter. Despite the content marketing following the same target as other marketing areas, it requires special skills and time. Leave this task for people with long-term experience.

Learn more about improving content at the SNCE conference on April 26. Digital projects leaders will tell about new and verified e-commerce tools.

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