Work in Facebook properly: efficient advertising configuration

Work in Facebook properly: efficient advertising configuration

Do you want to know how to improve your advertising campaign on Facebook? In such a case, you should read tips that will make your advertisements more efficient.

Surely, there are certain rules for working in such social networks as Facebook, YouTube, Vkontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, etc. They are different for each platform and can be totally inappropriate for this or that network.

Some entrepreneurs believe that it is almost impossible to sell things using social networks, as the main audience of these platforms is children. But it’s not true. According to statistics, more than a half of active social network users are adults (25-49 years old), in other words, the most financially reliable audience.  And Facebook is the center containing the most influential and financially backed audience.  

Let’s see how one should place advertising on this platform to get an ultimate and efficient feedback. Given below are some tips.

1.  Do not use Facebook for instant sales

Facebook is the least suitable as an instant sales platform. The key mission of this resource is to build warm and long-termed relationships with potential clients that can make a purchase in future. Facebook defines itself as a social platform for establishing partnership relationships, understanding the fact that the client is still not ready to buy anything.  

2. Make as many highly - specialized advertisements as possible

Facebook offers a lot of characteristics that make your advertising more important and with quality feedback.

Here are some target-oriented options from Facebook: choosing specific location (depends on the region that you choose for the product distribution), age, sex, key words (based on users’ interests, profile information, etc.), education, work, relationships, languages and so on.  

3. Initially get acquainted and then sell

As mentioned above, Facebook focuses on partnership relations with potential clients. How this idea is working in practice? Obviously, it happens through page and event advertising on Facebook.  

This way of communication is used for establishing long-termed relations with clients.

4. Determinethe purpose of your advertising on Facebook

Try to estimate your budget in advance and clearly determine what you want to get for this sum. Many people spend thousands of dollars for advertising and receive nothing.

Be forward-thinking, develop relations and keep in touch with your own users.

5.  Be sure that you reach your targets

You should know whether your advertisement is efficient during the whole advertising campaign.

Facebook provides a row of monitoring tools for this activity. The main factors that you should follow are clicks, click rates, action indices and cost per click.

6. Divide test advertising into groups

Divide test advertising between demographic groups. For example, design special advertising for business owners in the central region and compare it with the advertising provided for business owners at more general level. Analyze, which option is more efficient, and elaborate a new advertising pattern on each stage learning lessons from previous steps.   

7. Offer users something worthwhile

Make your advertising creative and memorable. Improve it using research of other advertisers: pay attention to titles, study advertising materials. Very often good ideas can be obtained by applying mentioned-above methods.   

As a result, advertising efficiency increase requires much time and patience. Using Facebook as an advertising platform, one should remember that its marketing is focused on long-termed partnership relations. Use tips given below, because they provide a good chance to develop your own business.