Emails that will interest your customers: creation guide

Emails that will interest your customers: creation guide

We are sharing secrets of creating emails that your customers will be waiting for and that will boost sales.

1. Segment your customers

If you have not used segmentation before, start from three factors:


  • when was the last time that a subscriber made a purchase on your website;
  • how often does he buy products on your website;
  • how much revenue he generates.

New customers can be offered a discount for the first order, and loyal customers can be provided with access to limited goods to show appreciation for their loyalty.

If you are already using segmentation, try adding triggers in order to know what customers were doing on the website and what attracted their attention.

2. Automate mailing 

It will help making your emails relevant and more customer-oriented. You can set up a welcome letter to be sent automatically after the subscription process is finished, elaborate different emails for customers being at different stages of the purchase funnel or inform about new cameras or smartphones those users that visited the corresponding section of your online store.

3. Send emails from your address

Firstly, users will ignore the emails from noreply@domain. Secondly, they can ask you questions in the response email, and you must be sure that you will receive that message.

4. Perform A/B testing

А/B tests will be useful not only for landing pages but also for mailings. You can experiment with the following elements:

  • sender name (Max from “Vero” or Maxim Davidov);
  • email subject (long/short, printed in capital letters, etc.);
  • template;
  • letter body, etc.

     5. Simplify the text

Every letter should cover only one topic. Shorten the text as much as possible and leave only one call to action. Make sure that it is easily read.

6. Share knowledge and entertain

Every letter should add value. For example, a clothing shop can share a selection of outfits and style recommendations. It will work because we buy clothes not for the sake of buying, but to create an image or improve the mood.