Why email marketing is the best online sales tool?

Why email marketing is the best online sales tool?

However, the amount of information alternative channels always increases, email messaging remains the №1 marketing tool for investments payback. Conducting everything correctly, you can be assured: a reader will soon or later look through the content.





Let’s conduct a mini investigation

Make “pet products” request. Google offers 15 online shops at the first page. Due to analyses, we determine the following:

  • only 10 of them provide news subscription forms;
  • we received 7 welcome letters (4 of them went to SPAM folder);
  • only 1 online shop keeps communicating through triggers.

It becomes clear that just a small part of Internet entrepreneurs uses email marketing and even less of them use it properly. Nevertheless, one should not ignore such tool.

5 email marketing values:

  • Tool usage doesn’t require serious expenses.
  • Provides efficient brand-client communication.
  • Increases loyalty to your brand.
  • Provides high rate of repeated purchases.
  • Allows to form an efficient data base, using in various areas.

Statistics data confirms email messaging efficiency:

  • 4.1 billion users are subscribed to online shop messaging.
  • 91 % of consumers look through letters at least once per day.
  • 70% of subscribers use discounts described in letters.
  • More than 70% of mobile purchases were made after online shops emails reviewing.

How and why email messaging is used?

Do you have an online shop? Due to email messaging, you can get feedback, inform about special offers, promote new products and organize sales.

Do you have a small coffee house or a big restaurant? Tell about new coffee varieties and dishes, share recipes, tips and interest facts. Inform about special offers and events held in this establishment.

If you own a flower shop, provide visiting cards for discounts in order to expand your client base. Offer customers various bouquet types for every certain event, tell about discounts and new products. Eventually, you can remind clients about wedding anniversary with the help of smart base segmentation and triggers.

Don’t forget to collect email addresses, segment the base, fill letters with useful information, organize triggers, be useful and interesting for subscribers.

It seems that email marketing is the tool, which provides maximum revenue with minimum investments. It is an efficient option appropriates both online shop and any offline business.

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