Marketing gods work at Pornhub

Marketing gods work at Pornhub

Pornhub is a pornographic website that sounds familiar to almost every person in the world. And that’s not because many people like to watch its spicy content but because the advertising campaigns of this web portal are recognized to be the most creative and memorable. It seems that HR department worked hard to pick the most talented marketing managers.

The most striking examples of such creativity will be discussed in our article.

Long corncobs for…

For the high spirits! And you thought what? This is one of the most striking examples of a successful campaign for Pornhub when the website changed for one day its title to Cornhub. Content managers also made every effort and replaced all porn content with hot corncobs videos.

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Play with family values

How to start the advertising of a porn site on TV and manage to bypass the censorship? There is nothing impossible for Pornhub marketing experts! Just play with the family values and images that each viewer will find catching.


Please your audience

If you will do what your target audience expects and wants then you will get your recognition. It is proved by the Pornhub community manager of the Twitter account ARIA. She has quite a creative approach for her work constantly coming up with the new jokes and memes in this social network.

It is worth of noting that the company monitors the records and comments of its subscribers. For example, when one of the followers broke his laptop getting caught by his mom during watching porn, ARIA promised him to send a new computer.   

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We need statistics, and as hot as possible, please!

All users love to watch various statistics and info graphics. Pornhub marketers decided to play this card. They often share their researches on the website traffic, its country origin, etc. The website has even a special section that disposes all of this information in a beautiful and accessible way.

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Don’t stick only to your key subject

Pornhub creates high-quality content and this time it is not about porn. The fact is that very often the major news websites and big blogs write about Pornhub because it publishes really interesting materials. Its marketers are very skilled at tricky use of locker-room jokes and they manage to do it in a way that the posters can be placed anywhere even on the main Times Square building.

If you want to run successful and profitable campaigns, then stop using predictable marketing models! Leave your comfort zone and start to generate real creativity right away.