AdBlock Plus started selling ad placement

AdBlock Plus started selling ad placement

AdBlock Plus has launched Acceptable Ads Platform service. It will help advertisers to show ads even to those users who have a blocker.     

Advertisement placing via the platform should correspond to several criteria:   



1. Position 

The ad should be placed above, under, or alongside of content but not in the text.  

AdBlock Plus started selling ad placement  - 1

2. Difference

Advertisement design should differ from main content so that a user can easily distinguish them. 

AdBlock Plus started selling ad placement  - 2

3. Size

Maximum allowed ad height is determined by its position on the page:

up to 200 px – the ad placing above content; 
up to 350 px – the ad placing alongside of content;
up to 400 px – the ad placing under content.  

AdBlock Plus started selling ad placement  - 3

The advertisement that is visible in the first scrolling should not occupy more than 15% of visible space, the next ones – no more than 20%.      

Adblock guide also includes specific requirements for different ad formats, for example, the absence of too bright colors in text advertisements and only static images for banners.   

Acceptable Ads Platform has become a continuation of the acceptable ads policy. Since 2011, AdBlock has made a white list of verified advertising and shown it even with activated blocker. However, then advertisers and advertising networks had to agree with AdBlock representatives personally, which required lots of time. The new service will significantly simplify this process.           

It seems that there will be far more advertising on our display soon.