7 brilliant examples of empathic content marketing

7 brilliant examples of empathic content marketing

To establish a strong connection with the audience, you need to create content that meets customer interests and needs. Let’s learn how to do it using the examples of seven successful companies.

1. Lush

Lush buyers appreciate the use of natural ingredients and manual production of the cosmetics.

Solution: Lush released a series of videos about the production process. Real employee describes each step of the production, showing how the final product is created hand-made using natural components.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn audience aims at self-improvement in order to increase their value as employees.

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Solution: Being a trusted source of information, LinkedIn creates content about marketing tactics. For example, their e-book on native advertising includes tips on its creation, guide to types of advertising and statistics.

3. HomeDepot

HomeDepot is a store of goods for home and garden. Its customers prefer to do everything with their own hands, but they need support and inspiration.

Solution: HomeDepot website has a lot of workshops and manuals, sometimes in a quite unexpected form. For example, instructions on growing lettuce are given in the form of infographic.

4. Dove

Dove buyers like the fact that the brand says about the importance of loving yourself and your appearance, as well as about the courage to be yourself.

Solution: In the Instagram, the brand creates a benevolent atmosphere. Almost all the posts are devoted to love for yourself and inspiration.

5. Microsoft

Many users do not know how their data may be stolen. Still this information is very important, so that users were able to protect themselves against hackers.

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Solution: To promote specialized software that protects personal data, the Microsoft has created an interactive site Anatomy of a Data Breach. It tells in an entertaining form about identity thefts: users can stand in hacker’s shoes and learn existing vulnerable aspects.

6. JetBlue

Often during air travels, passengers may face unpleasant situations. In order to reduce their number, it is necessary to gently remind people how they shouldn’t behave.

Solution: JetBlue airline has created a series of video, humorously showing various troubles during the flight such as snoring neighbor, violating personal space of other passengers.

7. J.Crew

J.Crew buyers want the clothes to reflect their personality.

Solution: J.Crew created a blog where the company shares the secrets of ideal image and gives tips on the selection of clothes. The brand products are promoted in the context of the lives of its customers.