5 SEO trends for online shops

5 SEO trends for online shops

The technologies of Internet marketing and SEO are improving all the time. The key to commercial success lies in their constant tracking. In this article we are discussing 5 SEO trends which will be of use to the owners of internet shops.

1. Ready SEO solutions are improving

Earlier for SEO one could use only specially designed instruments. The others didn’t work. But now, unspecialized programs, instruments and widgets can also be used for SEO.

An excellent example is WordPress. Its plugin Yoast SEO allows installing optimization for the website only by filling in the necessary fields.  Now SEO is available to any business.

2. Large-sized content is increasing in importance

Look at Amazon. One of the reasons for them doing better than other retailers is their marketing strategy with large-sized content. Every page with their product is rich in vivid product descriptions, stories about its functions and at least five pictures. 

5 SEO-трендов для онлайн-магазинов

Short descriptions and a couple of photos won’t attract customers. Increase the amount of information on pages and a user will personally choose data interesting for him.

3. Sharing of social networking sites is the success criterion

The more users share your content, the more purchases are made. Despite Facebook still having strong positions, young generation is more attracted to Instagram and Snapchat.

You publish an article, add a reference to the product and encourage users to share the content.  Curiously enough, the best way to achieve this - is just by asking for it.

4. Video content rocks!

Video became the main content form in the Internet. The video shooting is no longer wildly expensive and such content became available even to small business.

How to make your video content work for you? Create a series of reviews, tell a story about your product, and demonstrate the ways of its use. Or demonstrate your coworkers and the idea inspiring you for work.

5. Think about mobile optimization once more

Google has already included the convenience of website browsing in the ranking mechanisms. Traffic from smartphones is increasing all the time. If you haven’t got optimization yet, it’s high time to do it. Furthermore, it became easier: mobile version is available almost in every website constructor.