20 popular official communities in the social network Odnoklassniki.ru

20 popular official communities in the social network Odnoklassniki.ru

Every year social projects become more and more popular among users, as they are one of the most important information sources, providing more information about native and outstanding show-business stars, politicians, favorite actors, sportsmen and allowing to communicate with friends, comrades etc. Odnoklassniki (Classmates), Twitter, Moj Mir (My World), Vkontakte are the most requested social networks among Russians.    

Analysts of the “Odnoklassniki news” section on the “Birzhevoj leader” (Stock leader) web portal determined what official groups and communities are the most popular among Russians.  

What kind of groups are the most actual among Odnoklassniki.ru users? 

To obtain necessary information about official groups in the social network Odnoklassniki one should use “Officials” tab with several thousand groups that figuratively can be divided into the following topics:  

  • mass media (Birzhevoj leader, Komsomolskaya Pravda, STS TV channel, Echo of Moscow, First channel, Disney Russia etc.);
  • games and other entertaining projects: New lands, Faraway Kingdom, Bird’s Town, World of Tanks, My Kingdom, League of Speed, Klondike, Flirt City and others;   
  • Russian and former Soviet states corporate giants: Beeline, M&M's®, МТС, Mail.Ru Group, Kinder, Milka etc. 
  • Forex international market brokers: TeleTrade, ForexTrend, Alpari, Forex club, Nord FX and GKFX etc.
  • show-business stars – Valeria, Nyusha, Ann Sedakova, Tina Kandelaki, Miroslava Karpovich, Viktoria Bonya, Timati;
  • politicians and community leaders – Arsen Avakov, Sergey Tigipko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Gulnara Karimova, Sergey Shoygu, Sergey Mironov, Mikhail Prokhorov etc. 
  • car models – "Porsche", "Toyota", "Land Rover", "Volvo", "Volkswagen", "Mazda";
  • cuisine and health;
  • relaxation, sport etc.

Popularity top list of Odnoklassniki.ru official groups

Among various topics and columns the administration of the social network Odnoklassniki put communities with the most rapid growth for the previous month on the front page.    

The group “Odnoklassniki. Everything is OK.” (4,460,063 participants) occupied the first place in the popularity top list. It is the official community about network provided all information about service Odnoklassniki.ru, its novelties, special offers, contests, games etc. The website always updates the information about new brand registration, companies, show-business stars, inviting to enter their groups.      


 “Ordinary recipes for everyday” group (1,819,518 participants) occupied the second position. It provides various exotic recipes from experienced housewives with photos and step-by-step instructions for cooking dishes of world and home cuisine.


“All of the best from You Tube” group (1, 289, 218 requests in Yandex per month) occupied the third place in the top list. It contains interesting videos, pranks and latest news.  

Given below are the next groups that follow three top list leaders:  

  • Raffaello – carry your senses!
  • Ucell
  • Komsomolskaya pravda
  • RIA Novosti (News)
  • ツHumour Wikipediaツ

How changed the group popularity on Odnoklassniki.ru in July, 2014?

No matter how constant and increasing popularity seems to be, it is variable in any case. How changed the group popularity on the social network Odnoklassniki? 

Based on the table data, one can make the following conclusions:

  • the group “Odnoklassniki. Everything is OK.” demonstrated the maximum popularity growth – 256, 182 participants more in July, 2014, than in June; 
  • such communities, as “Stars on OK” (74, 781 participants) and “KRUGLAYA RZHAKA” (Awesome humor) (63, 454 participants) also demonstrated good growth;
  •  “Kinder” group demonstrated the most and critical popularity decrease (- 10, 473 participants).

Russians are interested in Odnoklassniki groups more often than Belarusians and Ukrainians 

Popularity of each group on the social network Odnoklassniki in any terms depends on the consumer interest level in the certain area in Internet. But recently this factor started to decrease rapidly. 


Wordstat.yandex.ru service data showed that Russians are interested in Odnoklassniki groups very often.  


According wordstat.yandex.ru. service data, Russians requested “Odnoklassniki groups” in Yandex  25, 738 times in July, 2014. For comparison: 

  • Abkhazia citizens with 240,705 people searched 38 times;
  • Belarus citizens with 9,464,000 people – 1,333 times
  • Ukrainian citizens with 45,590,000 people requested 4,096 times.
  • The most amounts of requests were in Moscow and Moscow region – 19,930,000 users requested 4,868 times.    

According to requests in Yandex, the least interested in Odnoklassniki groups are citizens of Kirghizia (0.02 requests), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan (0.01 request per 1,000 people), Turkmenistan (0.002 requests).      

What are Russians looking for on Internet requesting “Odnoklassniki groups” in the search line? 


While requesting “Odnoklassniki groups” Russians are mostly interested in creating the group or inviting participants there. The following wordstat.yandex.ru requests confirmed this fact:   

  • groups on Odnoklassniki – 20,847 requests;
  • how to create a group on Odnoklassniki – 2,003 requests;
  • how to add a group on Odnoklassniki – 1,005 requests;
  • how to make a group popular on Odnoklassniki – 546 requests.

What prefer users of the social network Odnoklassniki?  

After analyzing a group number in the social network Odnoklassniki “Birzhevoj leader” magazine experts made the following conclusions regarding top list places:   

  • the group “Odnoklassniki. Everything is OK.” (4.46 million participants) is the most popular among Russians. It is the official network community provided latest Odnoklassniki news and allowed to communicate with project managers etc.
  • groups provided access to video files, such as “The most interesting network videos” (926,375 participants), “All of the best from YouTube” (1,289,218 participants) etc., are also very popular;
  • cooking groups, like “Ordinary recipes for everyday” (1.84 million participants), “Bon Appetit – Best recipes” (1.89 million), “Video-cookery” (462 thousand participants);
  • group of Kinder trademark lovers (1.28 million participants), Sberbank (1.07 million participants) and Beeline Uzbekistan (523,526 participants);

Humor is also very popular among Russians. This is reflected in high numbers of the following groups: “Kruglaya rzhaka” (650,978 participants), “Humor wikipedia” (111,011 participants), “Anecdotes” (545,824 participants) etc.