10 useful websites for marketers

10 useful websites for marketers

To be a successful professional, marketers should always improve their skills and knowledge. Our selection of 10 useful websites will help you to do it.    


1. Unbounce

Here you will find tips on creating efficient landing pages and patterns for them.  

2. Vero

A blog with a great amount of information, including email marketing and automation.

3. Coshedule

In this blog, you will find comprehensive publications on content marketing and references to useful sources. 

4. Wistia

An excellent information source about video marketing and startups.  

5. Econsultancy

This blog is a mine of valuable tips on online marketing from analysts and experts. 


6. Inbound.org

Here the smartest marketers are debating on current trends. 

7. GrowthHackers

This community offers inspiring ideas for business development.

YouTube channels

8. Vidiseo

This channel will advise how to attract target users and determine your own success.  


9. Mixergy

A perfect podcast. Watching interviews with experienced professionals, you may find out many useful things.

10. The Lede

A source that is daily updated with answers to users’ questions about copywriting, content and email marketing, in general, about everything related with online promotion.